Masonic Lambskin

Authentic hand picked premium lambskin hides imported from Italy
Italian Lambskin Hide Italian Lambskin Hide
Model # AP-HD-1 $75.00  This fine quality lambskin was imported from italy. It was chosen for its near white color and similarity on both sides. One side is soft suede and the other is the grain of the leather. Made in Italy apron,hide,lambskin
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We've handpicked these hides for their purity, size and similarity on both sides.

When I started cutting hides to make aprons it was a learning experience. I had many hides so if I made a mistake it was not a big deal. There are a lot of nuances to working with and cutting it though so I will try to pass as much information on to you as possible.

A small hide will make one one-piece apron. A medium or large hide will make two one-piece aprons. You can however make more if you are willing to do some sewing. The original ancient masonic aprons were most likely just cut from one piece of lambskin without much stitching if any.

You can fold the apron over a rope or you can put slits in the fold to run the rope through.

Hides cannot be returned if cut or stained.